The 9 Hottest Luxury Swimwear Brands for Summer 2019

Posted on April 22 2019

The 9 Hottest Luxury Swimwear Brands for Summer 2019

It's almost that time of year. Odds are you're bound to find yourself in a bathing suit at one point or another this summer. With all the luxury swimwear brands out there, how can you be expected to pick just one?

When looking for your new favorite bathing suit, the first thing to consider is that you want your swimsuit to be longlasting and durable. The only way to ensure your suit will stand the test of time, sun, and sand is to know which brands to invest in this summer!

1. Duskii Active

If you're a fan of athleisure you're going to love this swimsuit brand! Based out of Australia, Duskii Active prides itself on creating high-performance activewear... for the water.

The best part? They've created suits that meet the needs of every body type, no matter the shape or size. This company prides itself on creating swimsuits of high quality that is comfortable and practical without breaking the bank.

Not only do they create swimsuits for all ages, ranging from age 8 up, but their variety of designs allow you to find something that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

2. Alexandra Miro

With options ranging from beachwear to swimsuits, Alexandra Miro has something for everyone. Similar to Duskii Active, this brand creates its products with an activewear influence. While each piece is an investment, buying designer swimwear ensures that your bathing suit drawer will be filled with quality, long lasting pieces.

Alexandra Miro's vision behind each design is to strengthen and empower the women who wear them. You'll find two pieces, one pieces with plunging necklines, and fun mesh cut outs. Focused on celebrating all that is female, you'll feel confident and fearless in all these styles.

3. Minkpink

Without knowing you might own some article of clothing from Minkpink. They create items from denim to sunglasses and now, swimwear!

Born out of the desire to have the ultimate wardrobe, Minkpink's in-house designers are constantly pushing the limits to create pieces their customers will love. Their swimsuits are no different.

When shopping for these suits, you'll find a lot of items on trend, but you will also see a lot of brand new designs that will become your new favorite closet staple. 

4. Zimmermann

Pushing the boundaries of fashion, Zimmermann designs swimsuits for children and adults that are sure to turn heads. You'll find frill, lace, and intricate details are sewn into each and every piece in this collection.

Many items made by Zimmermann feature romantic designs and patterns. If your style is more low key, you'll also be able to find solids in a variety of styles that fit your needs and make a statement.

5. Hoaka Swimwear

From the very beginning, Hoaka Swimwear has been changing the game of fashion-forward bathing suits. Elisabeth Rioux, the founder, began this company when she was only 20 years old. 

Experiencing frustration with the choices in bathing suits, Elisabeth decided to design her own line that offered both style and support. The goal of this company is to break through beauty standards, showing the world that all women are beautiful.

Many suits focus on geometric designs and are built with durability and longevity in mind. Not only this, but you'll get to experience everyday women posing in the swimsuits.

6. Haight

Haight clothing makes a statement all on its own. Priding itself on its uniqueness and individuality, you'll never feel more like an individual than in these swimsuits.

If you live at the beach or find yourself spending most of your time there, this is the brand for you. Made for life no matter where you live it. 

Not only are these styles made with a lifestyle in mind, the fabric includes SPF 50 that will protect your skin from the sun. Whether your style includes neutral tones or dusty hues, everyone can find something that makes them feel unique.

7. Moiess Swimwear

As we've seen, many of these luxury swimwear brands were born out of a woman's frustration in finding a swimsuit that made them feel beautiful. Jessica Mercedes, a Polish-born woman, designed her first swimsuit after finding that she couldn't find a suit that was practical while also sexy. Thus was born Moiess Swimwear

Combining boho and minimalism, Moiess Swimwear gives you the option to wear your swimsuits whether you're heading to the beach, out to lunch, or a night on the town. Look for high fashion and an even better fit when checking out this swimsuit line.

8. Triangl Swimwear

If you haven't heard of Triangl Swimwear, you might be living under a rock. Arguably one of the most popular brands on Instagram, it's highly promoted and advertised by celebrities and bloggers around the world.

Triangl Swimwear is one of the fastest growing brands in the country. Thes neoprene bikinis are recognized internationally and the company prides itself on being affordable and fashionable all at the same time.

9. Londrė

Based on their love for the ocean and conservation, Londré swimwear focuses on protecting and caring for the earth. Pair that with creating a bathing suit that flatters all shapes and you have a cause worth standing behind.

You'll find that each bathing suit was designed to withstand the harsh effects of sun, sand, and sea. Its material is even protected from your sweat. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans shorts or your best blazer. No matter what you wear, you'll always look your best.

Luxury Swimsuit Brands for Every Body

Wearing a bathing suit makes you vulnerable, potentially uncomfortable, but these luxury swimwear brands make you confident in your own skin. With so many different options, find the swimsuit that suits your style.

Now that you've invested in your summer uniform, make sure you know how to take care of it so it lasts. Read more about how to care for your best investment yet!

Don't forget to shop our collection of luxury swimwear and beachwear today!


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