The Swimwear Fit Guide for Your Body Type

Posted on November 07 2018

The Swimwear Fit Guide for Your Body Type

As women we all have different body shapes and sizes which make us beautifully unique. Some of us ladies are naturally curvy or blessed with a great bust and some of us may have more of an athletic build, some more slender. Finding the perfect swimwear for your body type can seem like a daunting task. And let's face it, we all want to look and feel our best when we strip down to our bikinis and try to catch a tan. So let's break it down - we came up with the swimwear fit guide to make shopping for your body type a salty ocean breeze.

Body Type: Curvy

Got curves? #blessed. When shopping for a bikini you'll want to find pieces that are adjustable. Straps and string ties are your best friend. Be strategic in your choices and make sure that every top and bottom has string ties or some type of hardware that will allow you to adjust the swimwear to your perfect fit. We recommend checking out KOA Swim, a California-based brand that not only has adjustable swimwear, but each piece is also reversible for a total win-win.

Body Type: Busty

For those busty ladies that find it difficult to fit in to most bikini tops, we are here to help. A big bust doesn't have to be a big problem. Just like our curvy ladies, you'll want to focus on tops that allow for some type of adjustable strap. Hardware will probably work best, that way you have a little more control over the lift of your girls. We recommend a top like KOA's Pacifica Top that fits up to a size double D. We also recommend looking for a top that features underwire which can allow for extra support. The Ellen Top by Citrine Swim has this awesome feature and is made with super supportive ribbed material.

Body Type: Athletic

Being athletic is a gift. So don't shy away from shopping for a bikini because your too self-conscious of your broad shoulders or muscular build. Instead, look for a bikini top that accentuates your shoulders and a bottom that fits your hips properly. The best tops for athletic girls with broad shoulders have a high neck line or wide straps. Check out the Libby Top by Citrine Swim or the Playa Top by Poema Swim. These are both great looks for the sporty chick.

Body Type: Slender

Slender is the new skinny and although shopping for a perfectly fitting bikini may be a little easier for the slender body type, it isn't always the most flattering. So let's talk fit. With a skinny build, you'll want to focus on thin straps and dainty pieces over the super busy bikinis with lots of material. We recommend the Mariel bikini by Sapia Simone. The material is like butter and it's the perfect fit for a girl with a slender build. You could also try the Milos Top by Poema Swim which features dainty hardware. 

No matter what body type you have, you deserve to feel beautiful and rock the perfect fit. Don't let shopping for your next favorite bikini be a drag. Try out our suggestions and utilize the tips in our Swimwear Fit Guide to help you pick out a bikini for your body type. If you need any more help on sizing, please contact us or write a comment below. Shop our full collection of women's designer swimwear on our site. Because it's more than just a bikini.


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Emily Ronson: December 17, 2018

    This is great. I have a busty body type and i’ve always loved KOA Swim.

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